Full Moon in Aries ~ October 16, 2016

Happy Full Moon!


Happy Full Moon, everyone!

Situations are intense as Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. There’s major upheaval when it comes to government and business alliances. Mars is ruled by Aries, the same sign that the moon is in for the full moon. With the moon full in the sign that Mars conjuncts Pluto places a special interest on the foundations of government and business.

Saturn sits in Sagittarius, forcing us to come to terms with our value system and how we can best evolve on a spiritual level. Remember that Neptune is still square Saturn, so where the deception worked on a grand scale, can no longer work due to the veil being lifted over the past few years, especially when Saturn was in the darkness that is Scorpio. We learned how people can use power, yet with Saturn there testing us all individually, the light was shone on those who abused their power, and they can longer keep their positions. Continue reading Full Moon in Aries ~ October 16, 2016

New Moon in Libra Sept 30-October 1, 2016


New Moon in Libra


Happy New Moon in Libra, everyone! This black moon (a second new moon happening in the same month) is extra potent. It’s as if the Universe is nudging us all to start a new cycle in our individual and collective lives. We have the proper alliances now to make new beginnings occur, with the Sun, moon and Jupiter all conjunct in the sign of Libra. Continue reading New Moon in Libra Sept 30-October 1, 2016

October 2016 Tarot-Scopes

Happy October!
Happy October!


Aries– The month for Aries starts with them finding out where to invest your money. There were options (or confusion) on the table last month, but since you’re the frugal type, you’ve been withholding money from yourself or others. It seems that you have been making the proper decisions in doing so, and this month is the month to defend your beliefs and put an end to something that could have been biting at your wallet.

Your guidance card for the month is: Passed-Over Loved Ones- Support, Comfort, Forgiveness—You have the support needed to make sound decisions this month, Aries.

Your Book of Fate Oracle reads: #403 Put not thy trust in the fair appearance of all those whom thou meetest in thy travels. —Enough said, Aries. Trust that it’s okay to say no.


Taurus– This month, Taurus is realizing that in order to have structure n their lives, there needs to lots of hard work involved, and so you pursue it, rather it’s going back to school, or gaining employment in a sector you enjoy. Through your environment, you have found the support you need in order to stabilize your life. You realize this month what you need to do in order to stabilize your life, which is something, ironically, that you’ve been resisting. Money looks good for you, as well.

Your guidance card for the month is: Water- Emotions, Initiation, Rejuvenation—Balance of emotions is what this card states. Begin something new that will be emotionally fulfilling.

Your Book of Fate Oracle reads: #116 Thou shalt reign paramount in the affections of the being whom thou lovest.—Good omen for anyone looking to be more fulfilled in life. This month starts a new cycle of self-love through your work and skill building.

Continue reading October 2016 Tarot-Scopes

Overview of Planets and Aspects in Astrology

Horoscope Wheel
Horoscope Wheel


If you’ve been following along, you have now gotten an idea of how to interpret planetary houses and the astrological signs that rule each house.

Below, you will find an interpretation of the planets, as well as an interpretation of the aspects. I even included a couple of asteroids, to help you understand yourself better. Continue reading Overview of Planets and Aspects in Astrology

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces ~ September 16, 2016

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces
Lunar Eclipse in Pisces


Happy full moon, everyone!

Lunar Eclipses represent endings that take course over the next 18 months or so. Pisces is the sign of compassion, intuition and selflessness…as well as co-dependency and drug dependency. With the moon conjunct Chiron in Pisces, it shows that we should really nurture ourselves and heal our wounds related to spirituality, co-dependency and addictions.

The full moon is when situations are at its peak, so we must deal with those issues during this period. Now is the time to make sudden changes in your lives, as Uranus is in Aries, the sign of selfishness (no offense) and self- starts. Though it is retrograde, it’s still time to make changes, as we have the Universe pushing us all onto new paths.

Just as last month’s full moon changed signs the same day, so does this full moon move into Aries that night, showing that we can now move our dreams into reality, with extra energy from the Universe and the moon teaming up to give you a boost! Continue reading Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces ~ September 16, 2016

Introduction to Astrological Signs

Horoscope Wheel
Horoscope Wheel


Good day, everyone!

This article is a continuation of last week’s blog post, ‘Introduction to Astrological Houses‘.

My intention is to help you understand the horoscope,in hopes of learning how the horoscope works and become more familiar with astrology.

Enjoy, and have fun learning! Continue reading Introduction to Astrological Signs

Introduction to Astrological Houses


Horoscope Wheel
Horoscope Wheel

Astrology is a great way to gain a better understanding of your life’s pattern and the inner workings of your psyche. When situations crop up in your life repeatedly, it could be time for an astrological reading to see where you keep falling short, and how to best navigate your life to improve the energy of your individual birth chart.

Astrology is the best ways to understand yourself better by understanding why you are here on earth and your life purpose.

Below, I have composed a short description of each house of the horoscope.  Continue reading Introduction to Astrological Houses

New Moon in Virgo ~ September 1, 2016

Happy Solar Eclipse!
Happy Solar Eclipse!


Happy New Moon, everyone! We’re also in the middle of eclipse season, and new moons are associated with solar eclipses. As the new moon brings new beginnings, so do solar eclipses, but on a larger scale, as they tend to brings new beginnings over a longer period of time.

This eclipse is a continuation of the Virgo/Pisces eclipse combination. Virgo deals with our health, service to others, communications, details, daily activities and employment. Pisces, on the other hand, deals with escapism, spirituality and institutions. Continue reading New Moon in Virgo ~ September 1, 2016

Full Moon in Aquarius ~ August 18, 2016



Full Moon in Aquarius 2016

Happy Full Moon!

There’s an almost lunar Eclipse today, but almost doesn’t count. The planetary energy surrounding the moon is trippy and scattered about our outer lives in our horoscope. Therefore, it’s best to pray for the best.

You can see this full moon as uneventful, as in things you plan won’t go the way you’d like, but something unexpected will…and it will be positive!

The moon goes from Aquarius to Pisces the same day the full moon is void of course.

I’m not sure why I am writing this horoscope, but I’ll keep going…

Jupiter in Virgo is quincunx the moon in Aquarius, so it seems that the consensus is being led by the community and endings occur for the whole. It’s like a community wanting change, but in order for change to occur, the leaders must change.

The moon is square Mars in Sagittarius, so lots of intellectual energy and debates is highlighted in order to get a point across to the masses, or the community at large.

Sun trine Uranus gets me excited, as Uranus also sextiles the moon. I feel positive energy when it comes to innovative change.

Mercury and Jupiter connect to bring an abundance of intellectual thinking to make changes happen. What a brilliant time to also make changes within a community, as the ideas are flowing and are well received!

Have a good weekend!