Full Moon in Aquarius ~ August 18, 2016



Full Moon in Aquarius 2016

Happy Full Moon!

There’s an almost lunar Eclipse today, but almost doesn’t count. The planetary energy surrounding the moon is trippy and scattered about our outer lives in our horoscope. Therefore, it’s best to pray for the best.

You can see this full moon as uneventful, as in things you plan won’t go the way you’d like, but something unexpected will…and it will be positive!

The moon goes from Aquarius to Pisces the same day the full moon is void of course.

I’m not sure why I am writing this horoscope, but I’ll keep going…

Jupiter in Virgo is quincunx the moon in Aquarius, so it seems that the consensus is being led by the community and endings occur for the whole. It’s like a community wanting change, but in order for change to occur, the leaders must change.

The moon is square Mars in Sagittarius, so lots of intellectual energy and debates is highlighted in order to get a point across to the masses, or the community at large.

Sun trine Uranus gets me excited, as Uranus also sextiles the moon. I feel positive energy when it comes to innovative change.

Mercury and Jupiter connect to bring an abundance of intellectual thinking to make changes happen. What a brilliant time to also make changes within a community, as the ideas are flowing and are well received!

Have a good weekend!


Will ‘The Amber Rose Show’ Be Successful?

Amber Rose has her own show! The founder of SlutWalk has her own television show on Vh1, and it’s pretty provocative.

Rose is a former stripper who became famous for dating Kanye West and also birthing Wiz Khalifa’s son.

This is the New Hollywood, where talent doesn’t exist, but personality and overt sexual behavior equals fame and celebrity status. What is going wrong with Hollywood? Who knows? Maybe I’ll do a reading to find out one day, but art and creativity is irrelevant nowadays.

I’m not judging, just cognizant.

Anywho, I look forward to sharing the reading with you guys, especially if you are fans of her…butt?

Maybe it’s personality. Either way, she’s famous with her own show, and I would like to consult the cards on the success of her show for the highest good of all involved.

Let’s see what the cards say, shall we? Continue reading Will ‘The Amber Rose Show’ Be Successful?

What’s Up With Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s Show?

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna


Rob Kardashian and his soon to be wife, Blac Chyna are in the news once again. This time there’s a dilemma with the reality show that they are currently filming. It seems that Rob doesn’t want to be in the show, according to TMZ.

This isn’t good look for Blac Chyna, a former stripper who rose to fame by dancing for and dating rappers. She has a child with Tyga, a realty show rapper, and pregnant with Rob Kardashian’s baby.

Both of these people rose to fame under false pretenses: neither have talent that people would be considered traits of a real celebrity, but their personalities worked well enough to put them in the spotlight.

Anywho, I am here to read for them both for the highest good of all involved. I read for them a few months ago, and my predictions, I feel are right, but soon after posting the blog post, it was announced that they got engaged and she was pregnant.

I still feel that there is love between them, but the illusion of fame is breaking them apart.

Let’s see what’s going on with them individually, shall we? Continue reading What’s Up With Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s Show?

New Moon In Leo ~ August 2, 2016

New Moon in Leo


Happy New Moon, everyone!

The second half of the year seems to be moving along just fine, as there is a more support from the Universe to get things started in everyone’s life.

There’s a sesquisquare from the moon to Chiron, which means that things will move along once you heal yourself spiritually and understand that it is a psychological attachment to the past that needs to be let go in order to move forward. Continue reading New Moon In Leo ~ August 2, 2016

Black America’s Hustle and Hypocrisy

This is bullshit, #BlackLivesMatter. You guys are a racist, ignorant, gangster rap blasting bunch.

Who paid David Banner to make this video?

I’ve been on Youtube commenting on his interviews and his video, and it’s appalling that people actually let this slide…or did they?

This #BlackPowerHustle needs to stop,so that the next generation of black Americans won’t look and feel so damn stupid. Ridiculous.

Killer Mike can kiss my ass with is police officer father, but sold drugs after he retired looking ass. How did he get on Bill Maher to speak on police brutality and black crime issues?

It must be the black hustle to get fools to say whatever is clever to get sympathy for the black people that they dis-empower to get financial and political power that is useless because the hustle is sympathy, and not power?

I’m aware the people who these opportunists connect with in order to keep up with their dying hustle. It’s too obvious that this is a fake movement.

America is a melting pot of all walks of life from all over the world, and this whole time, we haven’t had race issues until the image of black leadership and the term ‘power’ came to disrupt logic and willpower.

It’s diminished the fabric of society, as well.

What happened was that black people realized that they weren’t the image of leadership that the White House exudes, so they started to blame people for their own failures, as has been done for decades.

Look at Chicago. How ironic is it that the image of black leadership in the White House created such attention on the crimes between black people in that city? Howe did it become a movie, and more about police brutality than about black power??

Since black people with little intellect, yet huge egos have taken over the voices of real black America and created ignorance, Nat Turner and sexually abused black slave wench syndrome has taken over the minds of black America.

Colorism, too.

All these bad bitches and BBC dudes have to go. They have never been the voice of black America. The black America that I know. There are cycles that I have made abundantly clear that my black America would recognize agree with and implement changes with in their own lives in order to keep their children from repeating cycles that can be eradicated.

My black America knows that the voices that represent them know that they’re not striving to be in a rat race, but to be realistic about life and create opportunities that the voices have dictated is the only way for them to prosper in life.

Celebrities are apparently empty people who have the capabilities to be branded into anything that anyone wishes, and there are only a small amount of real ones in the game, it should be known that it is best to follow real people versus those who are bought and sold without any compensation, and without any consent.


New Moon In Cancer ~ July 4, 2016


Happy 4th of July, everyone!

This year’s New Moon in Cancer falls on Independence Day in America. We get to set new goals for ourselves, as the new moon signifies new beginnings.  From the looks of things, Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo gives us blessings to go forward and bestows protection to us in in our daily lives. Those who were seeking change can now find it, and it points you to the path that is best for you. Continue reading New Moon In Cancer ~ July 4, 2016

Single Parent Families and Pimps

This post can be considered a continuation of my post, ‘Black Problems’ only because of the alarming amount of single parent households in the community, as well as the way those in abject poverty hustle, or make their money. *I cannot speak on any other culture, because I am ignorant as to what they do.*

Since the days of blaxploitation films, the trend in the black community has been similar to that which we see in those movies: pimps, hoes and drug dealers.

How does fiction become reality? Is it strategic? Why is illegal activity so cool to those living well below the poverty line?

Well, I have some ideas. Continue reading Single Parent Families and Pimps

Blatant, Black Ignorance in America

Black people sure are powerful when it comes to things that really matter to them: food, clothes and entertainment. This could be the reason that so much change has occurred in matters of clothing ads and TV viewing.

Aren’t sure what I am talking about?

In the latest adventure of Black Power in America, critics caused an uproar over a recent GapKids ad where a black girl was standing with a white girl resting her arm on her head. The photo stirred up enough emotions of inferiority within the black community, that the advertisers pulled it from the Internet.

Our Black Power goes far into media, look at all of the characters we have placed with the proper skin color and features for our viewing pleasure.

One thing our power is, or hasn’t been, capable of, is dealing with and protesting real life black issues.

What issues, you ask? Continue reading Blatant, Black Ignorance in America

Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ June 20, 2016


Happy Full Moon!


Happy full moon, everyone!

This full moon places a lot of energy on us all, as it coincides with Summer Solstice, when the days become longer and the nights, shorter. This means that both the Sun and moon are at its peak, which says a lot about the gravity of this full moon and one’s actions, words and deeds are more amplified. Let’s not forget about the emotions associated with full moons. Hospitals are busier, as well as people’s intensity.

The full moon is in Sagittarius for the second time, but in the last degree of Sagittarius. Ruled by fire, you can expect lots of intensity in areas regarding truth (the Sun is in Gemini, ruler of communications, as well as the ruling planet, Mercury) values, morals and the ability to teach and be taught by others. people are really adamant about finding out who’s right for positions of authority and respect. Continue reading Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ June 20, 2016